Are There Any Benefits To Buying A Home In Fall

Dated: 10/05/2013

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Many home buyers understand that market trends are cyclical, however time of the year and the seasons also contribute to these trends.  After Spring, Fall is the next busiest time of the year for buying homes.  When the hotter months have passed, and cooler weather is near, a lot of people begin to re-visit their home search, and now regain their focus on buying.  Since the heat is a mere memory now, they can visualize themselves packing and moving without being inundated with 100 degree heat and humidity.  In addition to more enjoyable weather, many buyers will want to consider buying in the fall to also avoid the colder months ahead in winter.   

From the sellers perspective, a lot of sellers will want to consider listing their home for some of the very same reasons.  They will want to move and close on their new home before the winter comes, and it becomes too cold.  Now, if we are talking about Orlando and Central Florida, we may only see a few weeks of cool temps, but still applicable none the less.
The Fall is also a particularly popular time to be buying in and around areas of Orlando and Central Florida since many people from all over the world travel here to enjoy our warmer climates, and fun filled theme parks of course!  In fact, just this past week, we had an organized tour group from Canada who were visiting Orlando, Kissimmee, Celebration, and a few other areas near Disney World, specifically for the purpose of learning about the investment opportunities we have to offer.  In addition, there may also be a few significant tax advantages of buying a home towards the years end.
Never the less, which ever season you are considering to buy a home in, be sure to thoroughly evaluate your finances ahead a time.  And remember as a buyer, there is no better position to be in, then to understand your buying power in the beginning stages of looking. 
Happy house hunting, and if you are interested in Orlando Real Estate, either as an investment or primary home, let the professionals here at The Aridas Team help you!
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