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Dated: 11/05/2013

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A final "walk thru" of a home is normally completed 24-48 hours prior to closing.  The final walk-thru is just like what it sounds like, a quick lap or two around the inside and outside of a home to make sure nothing is missing that should be there, and that there are no significant changes within the home.  This quick meeting of the buyers and Realtor is done once the sellers have completely moved out, so that we can visually view the home while it's now empty. 

In some cases, I have done walk thru's with buyers to find that the sellers have taken the washer and dryer, which were suppose to stay.  I have viewed other properties prior to closing to see that there may have been some additional wear and tear on the carpets or doors, including holes and severe tears.  Most of the time, normal wear and tear is expected since the home owners are still living there, while other instances are a bit unorthodox and require more attention.
In a recent transaction here in Orlando, with an experienced listing agent, we were expected to complete our walk thru while tenants were still living in the home.  The listing agent asked us to complete to final walk thru, on a short sale property, while the tenants moved the final items from the home.  If we were doing a walk thru on a regular sale, and I could verify that the home owners kept the home in order from our initial visit, we may have considered this overlap in time.  This was however a bit different, and we had to protect the interest our of buyers.
After a lengthy conversation with the listing agent explaining why this is not in the best interest of the buyers, he agreed to delay the closing by two days in order for the tenants to move, and we successfully completed our walk through. 

The walk thru went fine, and there were no discrepancy's from the initial sales contract.  The buyers have now been in the home for 3 weeks and have already given us one referral.
We love making our clients happy here in Central Florida, and if you are thinking of buying a vacation home, second home or investment property in Orlando, let me help you!  Having an experienced Buyers Representative work hard for you, can make the difference in find a home now or six months from now, and save you lots of money in the long run!
Happy House Hunting!
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